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Snoring The Snore Solution

Snoring is a problem that almost half of the population deals with.  The problem is that quite often people cannot afford a custom appliance to help them with their snoring.  In the US oral snoring devices cannot be sold without a prescription.  


The Snore Solution is a non-medicated, easy and effective way to help those who snore or living with someone who snores.  Made of a soft dental grade plastic The Snore Solution requires no boiling or molding.


The Snore Solution is designed to move the lower jaw slightly forward and in so doing open up the air passage in the back of the throat to normalize breathing.  In doing so snoring is greatly reduce or even eliminated.


With a 7 vent design The Snore Solution allows for maximum airflow and normal breathing while sleeping.  


Proper Use:


Be sure to insert the tray with the 3 holes facing the top of your mouth and 4 holes facing down, resting your lips on the lip holders will ensure a proper fit.  Bite down to secure your teeth between the teeth stabilizers ensuring a soft comfortable fit.


For some people snoring can be a serious problem that you should always discuss with your family doctor on how best to deal with it.  Severe snoring can be a warning for obstructive sleep apnea and may require the use of a continuous positive airway pressure CPAP machine.


We discuss a number of issues related to snoring and the snore solution in our Frequently Asked Question section of the website.


The Snore Solution is also an effective solution for teeth grinding, as it cushions and protects the teeth while sleeping.


A quality anti snoring product everyone can afford.

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Snoring Solutions

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Snoring has been known to cause sleep deprivation not only to the person snoring but also to those around them.  Sleep deprivation from snoring can lead to irritability, daytime drowsiness, lack of focus and also a reduced libido.  There are also studies that suggest snoring has a psychological and social impact on those who suffer from it as well.


The Snore Solution is designed to provide an effective and affordable option for snorers to try.  Compared to other products on the market that range from $75 to several thousand (depending on whether it is generic or custom) The Snore Solution is a very low cost option at only $19.99.  


If you are a retailer and would like to add The Snore Solution to your product line be sure to visit our wholesale page and fill in the corresponding form.  Snoring is very often treatable problem and for many The Snore Solution is an effective way to treat it.


For people who grind or clench their teeth while they sleep The Snore Solution is also an effective anti-teeth grinding (Bruxism) device it's soft material provides both comfort and protection.

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