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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does The Snore Solution really work?


Over 100 Universities and Hospitals have conducted clinical research and trials showing that Oral Appliances can reduce or eliminate snoring.


The Snore Solution is a soft flexible mouth tray that helps keep the lower jaw in a slightly forward position.  It's soft flexible construction using a soft dental grade material combined with seven air ventilation ports allows for maximum airflow when the appliance is worn while sleeping. The Snore Solution is made of a very soft flexible material.  It is designed in a manner that does not fit too far back in the mouth and reduces any gagging for people who have an especially sensitive gag reflex.


"Treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliances is a promising alternative to continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. Although there is wide variability in appliance design, these devices produce enlargement of the upper airway by advancing the mandible, tongue, or both. Oral appliances effectively reduce snoring in a significant proportion of individuals."  (Pulmonary Division, West Roxbury Veterans Affairs Medical Center, MA 02132, USA. Nov. 4 1998)


How do I properly use the Snore Solution?


The Snore Solution is marked "Top" on the rear rounded tab / end to show the proper way the device should be inserted into the mouth.  The 3 holes should be facing the top of your mouth. For those with a smaller mouth the ends can be trimmed to allow for a better fit.  


Is the Snore Solution comfortable?


The Snore Solution is made of a soft dental grade silicon material that fits most mouth sizes comfortably when worn properly


Why are there holes in The Snore Solution?


The holes are designed to allow for maximum airflow when using the appliance.


How long will my Snore Solution last?


For most people the snore solution will last them well over 12 months before they need to replace.  The durable material is designed to last.  For individuals who grind their teeth we recommend changing every 6 months however individual results will vary.


Will The Snore Solution help with my teeth grinding?


Yes.  The Snore Solution also helps people who grind their teeth.


Can I use the Snore Solution if I have false teeth?


You should not use the Snore Solution if you have any false teeth.


My child snores can they use The Snore Solution?


The Snore Solution is designed for adults and should never be used by anyone under the age of 18.


Is snoring dangerous?


Snoring can contribute to fatigue and morning tiredness. This can add risks to driving and any occupation where workplace tiredness can lead to a lowering of safety. There appears to be an increased risk of high blood pressure and stroke in snoring patients. Where snoring is accompanied by significant sleep apnea, additional health risks may occur.  If you think you may have Sleep Apnea you should see a doctor.


Will fixing my snoring improve my lifestyle?


Snoring correction will assist both socially and medically. Snoring is frequently disruptive to other members of the family. It frequently disrupts the sleep quality of the household members. Snorers may also be unpopular due to disturbance of room-mates on holidays or business trips. Finally, snorers may be the subject of mild ridicule.


Assisting the medical problems related to snoring may also improve life quality. Snoring frequently causes restless sleep and tiredness on waking. It may also cause daytime drowsiness. More severe snoring may contribute to elevated blood pressure and, with this, increased risk of stroke.